Becker Vacuum Pumps and Systems
Authorized Dealer in Arizona, New Mexico, & Southern Nevada
Rotary Vane, Oil Flooded and Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps
All Becker Vacuum Pumps are Direct Coupled for Reliability and Efficiency.

A Trusted, Authorized Dealer of Becker Vacuum Pumps in Arizona, New Mexico, & Southern Nevada

Since 1959, Pioneer Equipment has served the Southwest United States with vacuum pump sales and service for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Based in Phoenix AZ, Pioneer Equipment, Inc. has stocking branch offices in three states and four metropolitan areas. For nearly sixty years, Pioneer Equipment has been a distributor and servicer of air compressors. We carry a full range of BEKO products and accessories at our branches in Phoenix, Albuquerque, Southern Nevada, and Tucson.

With capabilities to service compressors and pumps at each facility, Pioneer Equipment fully recognizes its value proposition to help its customer base achieve their goals for sustainable growth for all.

Pioneer Equipment is a family-owned company where loyalty and commitment is rewarded. Employee longevity at Pioneer is the norm. Let us help you today!