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BEKOMat® Inline Auto-Drains
BEKOMat® Inline Auto-Drains

The Most Recognized Condensate Auto-Drain Worldwide

  • 1" FPT x 1/2 FPT drain and 3" FPT x 1/2 FPT drain
  • Intelligent electronics prevent air losses and minimize energy demand
  • Devices of this new generation are made up of only two modules
  • A service unit comprising the corrosion-resistant alum. housing
  • An Electronic control and sensor unit
  • A BEKOMAT auot-drain often pays itself off within half a year
BEKO Clearpoint® Inline Filtration Systems
BEKO Clearpoint® Inline Filtration Systems

For inline and Point-of-Use Air Treatment

  • Remarkably Innovative Filtration Products
  • 25 to 1,900 SCFM Capacities
  • 3/8" to 3" FPT Threaded and 4" to 12" Flanged (w/Integral Auto-Drain )
  • Innovative 3E filter elements (3E = Energy Efficient Element)
  • Higher quality compressed air at reduced operating costs
BEKO Measurement & Instrumentation
BEKO Measurement & Instrumentation

Real-Time Measurement and Data Logging Tools

  • Provides the data base for the evaluation and assurance of your system's
  • compressed-air quality and for the identification of hidden cost drivers
  • Dewpoint Monitors, Flow monitors & Air-Loss measurement devices
  • Monitor and log the limit values of the Pharmacopoeia
  • Hydrocarbon Monitoring as well as current & total consumption
BEKOKAT® Compressed Air Monitor
BEKOKAT® Compressed Air Monitor

For Demanding Clean Hydrocarbon-Free Air Aplications

  • Advanced oil & hydrocarbon compressed air treatment monitor system
  • BEKOKAT® sets new standards in the compressed-air processing
  • BEKOKAT unit fully converts hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water through total oxidation and completely transforms hydrocarbons to produce carbon dioxide and water
BEKO OWAMat® Oil-Water Separation
BEKO OWAMat® Oil-Water Separation

Condensate Treatment & Separation

  • Environmentally sound gravity style separators
  • Can be directly introduced as cleaned water into the sanitary sewer system
  • Devices have a national technical approval and do not require permitting
  • OWAMAT oil-water separators do not create any energy costs
  • Meets the highest demands on sustainability and efficiency

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