Sullair Air Treatment
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Sullair Refrigerated Air Dryers
Sullair Refrigerated Air Dryers

Economical, Efficient & Compact for Dew Points down to 39F

  • RN Series - Non-cycling. Capacities of 5 to 325 acfm
  • RC Series - Thermal cycling saves energy. Capacities of
  • RD Series - Digitally controlled, cycling dryer is the most efficient
  • 400 - 6,000 acfm; Cycles on-off based on predetermined settings
  • RH Series - High Temperature dryer- 120F Amb; 240F Max Inlet Temp
  • Capacities of 15-100 acfm - Perfect for Piston compressors
Sullair Desiccant Air Dryers
Sullair Desiccant Air Dryers

For Dew Points from -4F to -100F - a Must for Instrumentation

  • DMD Series Modular for Lab usage; 3 - 240 acfm. -4, -40F to -100F dP
  • DHL - Heatless, regenerative type; 80 - 5,000 acfm -40 to -100F dP
  • DEX - Externally heated, efficient; 200 - 3,500 acfm; -40 to -100F dP
  • MDBP - Ext. Heat/Blower Purge is most efficient; 500 - 10,000 acfm
Sullair Oil-Water Separation Systems
Sullair Oil-Water Separation Systems

Small Footprint; US EPA Compliant

  • 20 to 3,000 SCFM capacities
  • Engineered for molecular filtration solutions
  • Treats air compressor condensate for EPA compliance
  • Cartridge Style for easy, clear and efficient separation
  • 100% Performance Guarantee <10 ppm Oil-carryover
Sullair Flow Control & Logic Systems
Sullair Flow Control & Logic Systems

Energy Savings through Dynamic Flow Control

  • The demand profile for almost all compressed air systems are very dynamic.
  • Gain system control with FlowLogic™. During dwell periods, you can store air using excess compressor capacity.
  • SFP FlowLogic™ Pnuematic - 150 - 5,500 scfm;
  • SFE FlowLogic™ Electronic - 150 - 5,500 scfm;
Sullair Inline Filtration Systems
Sullair Inline Filtration Systems

Coalescing & Particulate Filtration

  • FX Series Coalescing/Particulate filters -25-1,600 SCFM; 1.0 - 0.003 micron
  • FXF Flanged Style Filters - 1,500 -17,700 SCFM; 1.0 - 0.003 micron
  • FHP High Pressure filters - 60 - 1,750 SCFM; from 1 - 0.01 micron
  • ELM Mist Eliminators - 150 - 12,000 SCFM for extra oil treatment

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Since 1959, Pioneer Equipment has served the Southwest United States with air compressor dryer sales and service for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Based in Phoenix AZ, Pioneer Equipment, Inc. has stocking branch offices in three states and four metropolitan areas. For nearly sixty years, Pioneer Equipment has been a distributor and servicer of air compressors. We carry a full range of Sullair air compressor products and accessories at our branches in Phoenix, Southern Nevada, and Tucson.

With capabilities to service compressors and pumps at each facility, Pioneer Equipment fully recognizes its value proposition to help its customer base achieve their goals for sustainable growth for all.

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